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Many dispensaries have a modern, boutique-y, and upscale feel, and while that’s all fine and good—that’s not us. We are the quintessential ‘mom and pop’ business! Our goal is to make every customer who walks through our door feel like family by providing a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. We want to know about your day and what we do can to make it better. No fancy clothes or intimidating vibes, required.



Today, the driving force behind many who want to enter the booming cannabis industry is the potential financial gain. But for us, it’s much more than that—for us, it’s personal. The owner of the original location, in Bangor, Michigan, started his journey into the cannabis industry in 2009, while trying to find a treatment for his daughter’s epilepsy. In 2012, he started growing cannabis with his brother out of his garage. Then, over time, he saw the potential for a successful business. Five-years later, on December 12, 2017, The Green Door was established and became the first licensed dispensary to open in South West Michigan.



In addition to starting our journey out of love, then building it into a franchised business, we are also vertically integrated with our sister company, Pure Michigan Growers. Which means, our flower is grown by us, for you and can only be found at The Green Door.

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